Beautiful Design, together with an eye for detail and a commitment to craft can produce a truly distinctive product

"I didn't want VOXFLOR to become just an ordinary carpet company, not at all. I created it with the idea and the commitment to become a pioneer in the field, to design and craft the World's most unique and colorful carpets.

Today, we, at VOXFLOR, have two factories, multiple warehouses, and thousands of products. Our research and development team keeps us at the forefront of carpet manifacturing. Recognized as a market leader, our design team innovative abilities enable us to continually bring new color ranges and stiles first to the market. Our carpet tiles can be configured in many shapes or size to create limitless custom flooring designs, that are uniquely beautiful, easily adaptable and highly durable.

Sustainability is the key to our future on this planet

Being sustainable will contribute to a better World and economy in years to come. We, at VOXFLOR are committed to work in an environmentally sustainable manner, so to protect the health and safety of both ourselves and the public.

Greenworks concept

GreenWorks™ concept was developed by VOXFLOR in order to care for the people  and the environment in the widest terms available to us at this time. Our  commitment to environmental protection does not end only with the concept of  recycling. We are reaching much further beyond recycling in an effort to reduce  our company’s impact on the environment.   GreenWorks™ is a concept that helps us to achieve the goal of full sustainability  while we operate our facilities by focusing on environmentally friendly  products, use of recycled packaging, reducing waste to landfill, reducing  energy consumption and water usage, use of alternative energy sources,  recycling carpet into new products, donating carpet for charitable re-use. 
When  specifying a VOXFLOR carpet tiles, you can rest assured in the knowledge your  project is in capable hands. Our dedicated project management team will follow  your project through from order to installation to ensure it is completed to  specification, on time and within budget.
I am so  proud, that now VOXFLOR brand is more than a carpet, it is a lifestyle. Using  the latest technology, our team of designers and product developers can create  carpets limited only by your imagination. We put our skills and resources to  the best possible use with fashion forward designs, that we constantly hear  from our customers…just perfect.