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When we talk about sustainability, choosing the right carpet material is a crucial factor to both your office and the environment.
Design and aesthetic are important, however, selecting a sustainable fiber, backing and tackifier for your carpet are just as imperative. What makes a material ‘sustainable’ and ‘green’? The answer is actually pretty straightforward. Eco-friendly materials are renewable, non-toxic to humans, and minimally impact on the environment at the point of production and disposal.



Greenpad™ carpet is made with DuPont™ Sorona®, a renewably sourced fiber. Working close with DuPont™, VOXFLR’s Greenpad™ carpet stands for environmental protection, permanent stain resistance and crush resistance. Our innovation and design are driven from our inspirations from nature. Greenpad™ carpet collection will bring a green dream into the modern commercial office.

To achieve a leadership in the environmental protection, VOXFLOR is committed to reduce the negative impact to the environment, that occurs in production development and manufacturing operations. That’s how our GreenWorks™ concept was born.
GreenWorks™ is a commitment, that covers all the sectors of our carpet tiles production from innovation, design, manufacturing and stewardship. It is a concept that helps us reach much further into the idea of full sustainability by transforming our carpet production to much “Green” and environmental friendly stage. With GreenWorks™ as our policy, VOXFLOR has developed a higher level of sustainability by focusing on optimizing and developing new sustainable methods in our production. We achieve that by using more “Green” products, use of recycled packaging, use of alternative energy sources, carpet recycling, wastes reduction, reduce energy consumption and water usage, carpet donations. With integrating GreenWorks™ concept as our company’s policy and undertaken by all of our staff, we commit to create a greener environment for our planet’s future generations.
VOXFLOR has identified the following elements, which will demonstrate the factors that determine a sustainable leadership.



Mix-Bac® backing system is made 100% of recycled plastic bottles and is developed by VOXFLOR’s high end carpet tile backing system. It exemplifies the characteristics of environmental protection, a soft cozy feeling, safety and dimensional stability.
48 plastic bottles = 1m2 Mix-Bac®
Global water consumption is over 29 litters of water per person, per year. Unfortunately, many of these bottles are not recycled. We recycle used bottles to create our sustainable Mix-Bac® backing.
Used bottles are cleaned, sorted, crushed and made into pellets, which is then manufactured into our non-woven fabric.



With advanced craft and cooperation from downstream industry, VOXFLOR increased the recycling rate of its products.
VOXFLOR is committed to reduce the environmental footprint of its carpets. For us here at VOXFLOR nothing is wasted. Our GreenWorks™ system ensures the recycle process works.



Imported from England, VOXFLOR carpet tile tackifier is a solvent free acrylic polymer emulsion adhesive that contains a rust inhibitor. It is designed to provide a permanently tacky film which prevents ‘loose lay’ carpet tiles from moving under normal traffic but enables them to be lifted and replaced easily when required. It is non-flammable, is protected against biodegradation, is suitable for use over normal underfloor heating installations, is resistant to plasticizer migration and will withstand normal wet cleaning techniques. It is VOC-free and not harmful for health.



The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) provides further assurance of carpets role in a healthy indoor environment with its Green Label and Green Label Plus certification programs. The green label program is a testing and certification system designed to identify carpets, carpet backings, cushions, and adhesives that emit low VOCs( Volatile Organic Chemicals). CRI GLP certification results from our exhaustive efforts to eliminate harmful VOCs in all aspects of our product design and manufacturing process. VOXFLOR is committed to conforming to advances in testing technology as it arises.

The China environmental labeling, a trademark of a product, stipulates that the product not only meet the requirement of acceptable quality, but also reach the requirements of environmental protection during the production, use and disposal.